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only sticking the tip of your cock in a chick when fucking her because you don't want the condom to fall off
"Now ya see I wanna let you ride but the rubber might slide; yous a tipdrill, girl you a tipdrill"
by Brian May 21, 2004
28 105
A "tip drill" is another name for a girl.

Comes from a basketball drill, called tip drill, where players line up and tip it off the backboard consecutively, one after another.


"I said it ain't no fun less we all get some
I need a tip drill, we need a tip drill"
-Nelly www.tip-drill.com
by jada soup stir July 06, 2006
10 88
When your in a strip club the act of giving the stripper a tip is a tip drill.
"It must be the money cause it aint your face, you a tip drill." - Nelly Tip Drill
by AmP31 July 04, 2005
25 103
A tip drill is a girl with a huge nice booty and an ugly face
Look at that girls face shes soo ugly!! But look at her ass, shes a tipdrill!
by bob March 08, 2005
40 118
{tip drill}
meaning: exotic dancer
so when your in a night club and the song comes on dont do what it says on point "em" out bcuz they rnt there!
A girl in a strip joint that dances on the bar in almost nothing
by meli March 03, 2005
7 85
a girl with big boobs and a big ass but isnt pretty in the face. normally hoes.
"if u see a tip drill point out where she at point out where she at" the song by nelly
by brit July 21, 2004
24 102
a tip drill is basically a "butter" head.
(everythang look good but her head)the person got a fine body, but from the neck up they hurt.
by JaRika R. 4rm Jacktown, MS May 17, 2004
27 105