a hoe you just wanna stick yo tip in
"i would let you ride, but the rubba might slide, girl you a tipdrill"
by jdaddy March 06, 2004
Everybody is getting confused because tip drill is used a couple ways: (1) using the tip of the penis in the crack of a woman's ass without penetration, and (2) the type of woman who who do the act - has a big ass and is a freak, but not necessarily a pretty face (see Nelly's song "Tip Drill"). It's analogous to calling someone a chicken head, except instead of performing oral, they perform ass grinding.
"Toot that ass up mama put that dip in ya back and let me tip drill just let me tip drill" and "see now i wanna let you ride but the rubber might slide you's a tip drill girl you a tip drill".
by odysseus27 July 17, 2004
one who is fine everywhere else but he face and is used for sexual of finacial situations
nigga 1: dammmmmmnnnnnn. that girl is fine.
nigga 2: i think i might fuck her.

girl turns around.

both niggas - damnnnnnnnn that bitch is a tip drill.
boy 1: yeah she has a nice ass.
boy 2: hell yeah i'd hit that if she put a bag over her head.
by slkdja April 16, 2008
Nicole Marie Woodall.
Damn that one ho Nikki's got a big ass but her face be nasty as fuck nigga.

Oh shit, she's a tip drill!
by Ines November 19, 2005
To have a nice booty, but an ugly face. (See: Nelly's "Tip Drill")
I said it must be ya ass cause it ain't ya face
I need a tip drill, I need a tip drill
by Nastacia July 13, 2005
when a guy has sex with just the tip of his of his dick: not fully penatrating the female.
"See now i wanna let you ride but the rubber might slide you's a tip drill girl you a tip drill"
by marc matt February 16, 2008
a girl thats face is ugly as hell but has a nice as
Look at that girl over there she ugly as a mug (then she turns around). LOOK AT THAT ASS SHE BE A TIP DRILL.
by donnell July 20, 2005

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