A fine female with a nice body, a nice booty, but an ugly face.
"i said it must be yo ass cos it aint yo face, i need a tip drill, i need a tip drill"
by Shahna June 08, 2004
A Hoe;a ugly hoe with a nice body.
I said it ain't no fun less we all get some I need a tipdrll, we need a tipdrill
by LC March 17, 2004
A girl who has a very nice, sexy, vibrating ass, and she does whatever niggas want her to do. Shes more or less a downright ho. She must have a big ass and nice tits and not necessarily a nice face. She is usually hit from behind, due to the magnitude of her ass, it gives pleasure to the guy, the vibrations of her skin on his black shaft causes him to hit more. All in all, tipdrill girls got big ass asses and will fuck a nigga good.
Man, U better come wit me, Im goin down, Niggaz over thurr tol me that they got bitches there man, i mean bitches, big time Tipdrills.
by StLouisDawg February 27, 2004
An individual being used solely as an object, for personal pleasure or gain.
"I got you paying my bills and buying automobiles, you a tipdrill, nigga you a tipdrill"

"It must be your ass, cuz it ain't your face, I need a tipdrill.."
by *blink* January 29, 2004
fine ass nigga slash brazilian hoe dat u hit from behind all da time but da sec ond u get her from da front u quit cuz her face is a dawg
damn girl u tip drill everthing looks good butta face
by sean john July 27, 2004
An exotic club dancer.
You know that Hot Chocolate is a tipdrill, right?
by Raquel Slaughter August 20, 2005
a hoe you just wanna stick yo tip in
"i would let you ride, but the rubba might slide, girl you a tipdrill"
by jdaddy March 06, 2004

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