A girl wit a bangin body but she ugly as hell.
Girls niggas jus fu** for they body then dis them cuz they only wanted them 4 they body and not they face
by THEONE April 10, 2004
1. A bitch with a badonka donk (Perfect a$$) but is so damn ugly!

2. When everything looks good, but your FACE

3. An ugly a$$ nigga dat's used fo his money!!!

4. Beautiful Body, Messed up Head

5. Just UGLY; Grotesque; Unattractive
- It must be yo ass cuz it ain't ur face You a Tipdrill!

-It must be his money cuz it ain't his face he a Tipdrill!

-You seen that Tipdrill at the street corner?

~Listen to Nelly's song Tipdrill...
by Jermaine ThA Gurl August 02, 2005
to a male a tip drill is a girl who has a nice ass but a fucked up face and a freak who u can hit

to a female a tipdrill is a man who has a fucked face but has a lot of money and who is willin to buy anything 4 u
It must be yo ass cuzz it aint yo face you a tipdrill

I got u payin my billz and buyin automobiles, you a tipdrill
by a friend February 19, 2005
when a girl has a nice ass but her face aint that nice. u'd rather hit it from behind and not hafta look at her face
tip that ass up momma and put that dip in ya back... and let me tipdrill
by Dru Wallman January 09, 2004
Tipdrill is basically a set out. Being from the Lou I would know. It can be male or female. Most ya'll definitions are right, but that one wit no brains, that doesn't matter u can have brains and still be a set out.
Mama girl got a friend that don't mind joining in, ima tipdrill, mama ima tipdrill
-murph dirt
by thedeezy January 05, 2004
A fine female with a nice body, a nice booty, but an ugly face.
"i said it must be yo ass cos it aint yo face, i need a tip drill, i need a tip drill"
by Shahna June 08, 2004
A Hoe;a ugly hoe with a nice body.
I said it ain't no fun less we all get some I need a tipdrll, we need a tipdrill
by LC March 17, 2004

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