Tom's penis.
"Oh, but its like a tuna can, man....Eh man, smells a 'tiny' bit like oregano, man!"
by Spanky MacKockleberry November 05, 2008
A short ugly slut that gives it up to every guy that she meets. Has a very stinky pussy with weird deformed pussy lips. Most likely has HIV or another venereal disease. Use extreme caution when fucking.
BOB: Hey Jim, i heard you and Tiny got it off at the party.

JIM: Yeah, i fucked her 10 minutes into meeting her. When i got home i discovered my dick was turning purple though! I think she gave me an STD!
by Concerned Man April 01, 2009
The nickname for anyone with an INSANELY SMALL penis.
Tiny can't even fuck 'cause his dick be small as fuck!
by Shane is a Tiny. January 05, 2012
Affectionate term for one's lady.
"Allo Tiny, I like a bitta puss. Now put ya knickers on and make me a cuppa tea!"
by Stockers August 28, 2003
a very very tall and aggressive (pacifists)who enjoys breaking legs and in his spear time he enjoys playing games, watching TV and eating small children with ketchup.
"you had better pay up or i'll get Tiny hear to break your legs"

by shawn lyons ( F0X ) March 24, 2003
Tiny is a big black man that has a 14 inch long penis and likes to have sex with little boys. He abducts little boys off the street, puts them in his big black van and takes them off to his basement.
My name is Tiny little boy, why don't you get in the back of my van and i'll drive you home
by Jayden Sedunary November 17, 2006
something tiny is really really really small, like... a penis!
man andy, your nob is really fucking tiny, how the hell did fran manage to find it?
by will (the non alcaholic) July 21, 2004

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