A middle aged man posing as a straight male and even living with his wife and kids but is secretly a faggot. They are usually stuck with old habits such as 80's music(George Michael), are sporting a skullett and of course a hat to cover the bald spot and are obsessed with Cher and Tammy Wynette, not to mention forcing his daughters to dress up as them as they are growing up, scarring them for life to fulfill his own sick fantacies of wanting to be the one dressed up. Their transportation is usually an old camaro. They kill small animals to fulfill the complete emptiness inside them that will never amount to anything. As they age their lack of hiding the fact that they are a complete homosexual becomes obvious to everyone around them including their scarred adolescent daughter, with 2 and 3 hour phone calls to their boyfrind as the pain pills they are taking masks their ability to hide or ever care who hears them talking about taking loads in the ass and in the mouth but in their eyes, once off their high, are still living the fake life of a straight man.
"Look at that Tinky Winky! His wife didn't wash the dishes right..oh no, he's hosing her down with mustard right in front of his young daughters and sending her away crying into the bedroom."
by karter_619 March 27, 2009
Top Definition
Tinky Winky is the tallest (and most noticable) Telletubby.

He is purple, with a purple triangle-shaped stem on his head. He enjoys singing, dancing, toting his pink purse, and most likely frequenting gay clubs after a hard day in Telletubby land.
Dipsy: Tinky Winky! Will you play with Laa-Laa's ball?

Tinky Winky: Dipsy, you and I both know you aren't articulate enough to form those sentences!

Dipsy: Oh... Erm, Tinky-Winky play with ball?

Tinky Winky: How about we play with two, big boy?

Dipsy: (cries)
by Joel April 13, 2005
The purple teletubby; Has a male voice and carries around a purse; Has a triangle stem on his head; normally has huge giggle fits
The Noo-noo scared the shit out of Tinky-Winky.
by Gwen Stefani Grrl December 09, 2003
The gay teletubbie, he must be, what other man would be purple and carry a red handbag?
uhhhhhooooooh, tinky winky rapey up the battey...
by Benbread April 13, 2004
The gay Teletubby.
Tinky-Winky is gay!
by beau99 June 09, 2004
Being paraniod about homosexuality and always looking to uncover it. Reading into every little thing in an effort to prove that something is gay while ignoring anything that may contradict this belief. For example, assuming a fictional creature is gay because of its skin color or fashion sense while ignoring the fact that it doesn't have genitals.
I can't believe how tinky winky the boss is. He figured I was gay just for using a purple post it.
by KJR August 12, 2005
tinky winky is a gay teletebbie with a tinky winky
tinky winky is a right utter gay
by mrw February 14, 2005
Tinky winky is the bassassdest tellytubby ever. He jwns the other tellytubbys.
Lala: uhh ohhh. tinky winky come!
Po: uh ohhhh. tinky winky kik us ass!
Lala: biiiiiiiiiig huuuuuuuug
by eleggodiablo August 25, 2003
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