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The tinket is one of the greatest inventions of the 21st century . Tinkets have made life more easy . It all started when a group of individuals went to get a burger , called the 'ZINKER' . Hence , tinket was invented . Theres no relation between the 2 words , but then again , its a tinket , so its alrite .

Tinkets can be of various shapes and sizes . Yesterday i was walking on the streets and i saw a car which had an upgraded tinket system . It was real cool , but i guess the owner would have some problems if the tinket over heats .

Last week i went to get my tinket pierced , but then it hurt and i was admitted to the tinket ward of the palooza hospital on 23rd sloop road . Later some friends visited and gave me some get well tinkets.

Also , this one time , i was sitting at a burger joint and i saw 2 people sharing tinket sushi with bbq sauce . would you like fries with that sir ?
Person1: better take care of your tinkets .
Person2: why ?
Person1: why not ?
by _MojO_ November 02, 2007
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