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Basically a kid between 10-15 that acts very immature but thinks they're cool and all the upper classmen hate them.
That 7th grader in the skinney jeans is such a tini bopper.
by TeamOliviA November 15, 2009
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A young slut under sixteen who has sex alot or with alot of people.
Kendall has sex with sooo many people, she is such a Tini Bopper.
by God Damn just let me do this s November 05, 2008
something extremely small , or smaller than someone else
justin asked for another milk shake cause his tinibopper was done
by jordon cullum April 02, 2007
a really small dick , or something really small , anything with low height or weight
justin wanted a new milkshake cause he wolfed down his tinibopper already at wimpys(true story happened to a friend of a milf of mine)
by jordon cullum April 02, 2007

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