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someone who twistss everything that two celebrities do to make it look like they're in love.
That stupid bitch on LiveJournal is such a tinhat! She thinks that just because Brendon looked in Jon's general direction that they're in love.
by miss_music666 July 29, 2008
Tinhats are people who believe ridiculous stories. They are low level paranoid people with no real understanding of science or research. The tinhat itself refers to the iconic foil hat worn by characters cowering from 'cosmic ray's, as portrayed in around a million hokey Hollywood films.

Aka conspiracy theorists.
The tinhats love a good 9/11 yarn.
by Londoncity March 17, 2015
Being beaten at pool without managing to pot a single one of your balls. This must be a scouse thing. Like shell suits and big dangly clown necklaces from Argos. And yet nothing like that. Because it's to do with pool :)
That's a tin hat my son. Sit yourself back down.

I've just been tinhatted by a girl. How embarrassing!
by Fallen_Alien March 27, 2013
Somebody who believes that "Dom and Elijah are omgawd one twu wuv!"

They usually are very stupid people who will twist any situation, like Elijah tying his shoe, into proof that Dom and Elijah are in fact gay and together.

Dom = Dominic Monaghan, Elijah= Elijah Wood
See above
by Michelle March 14, 2004
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