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An amount of time no less then but no more then a period which allows one to tincture in full.
This patient will be fine. All he needs is a stool softener, a low grade enema, and a tincture of time.

My plan is perfect and all it requires is spaghettio's, an alarm clock, and a tincture of time.

The problem required a tincture of time. Unfortunatly i didn't have a tincture of time so i swallowed a live pigeon instead.

My girlfriend and i decided we needed a tincture of time away from each other. I didn't know that meant she could sleep with all of my friends, my 12 year old brother, and a chincture

tincture of thyme is an ingredient in a butter based food-it is not the same as tincture of time.
by Julendar Jamess October 01, 2006

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