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scottish fishing slang fora worthless being who has no self respect or control over their habbits. bit of a slag and will not stop partying smoking drinking or taking drugs even when pregnant. would sacrifice an unborn baby just to continue on the path to destruction. no sense of loss and no respect for anything. the worst example of parenting and a selfish deviant. not pleasant at all. a bit of a tramp and abuser. will stab you in the back for a dollar.
aaww look a the state of her in the gutter...shes on her way to being tinarooneyed. someone get some contraceptive before she does a tina-rooneyed and looses another baby.
this place is a mess and like a morgue its been tinarooneyed in the early stages. she tinarooneyed and lost the baby without a care.
by slagtinastillborn February 04, 2010
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