a shite post made by Minnie_timperly
Read that post yet - it was really shite
by Anonymous April 30, 2003
A display of proud ignorance.
Liam Gallagher exudes a degree of timpleploppery every time he speaks.
by Big Fat Ron May 02, 2003
A shite post made by Minnie_timperly.
See her posts on NME.com.
by Hagi April 30, 2003
A particularly terrible post made on a message board.

Named after Minnie_timperly from Angst who posts an awful lot of shite.
What kind of fucking post is that? You've just dropped a timpleplop, mate.
by Gheorge Hagi April 30, 2003
Term used to define a simply terrible post on Angst.
"Top tunes on in my car just now" - pna.
A prime example of timpleplop.
by Arkestra April 30, 2003

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