1. The most amazing boyfriend one could ever wish for.
2. Someone who lives too far away, and who i miss dearly.
Timmy: Cuddle, cuddle
Me: i wish i could love...more than anything...
i love you <3 <3
by MRious April 14, 2011
The act of doing something really retarded, and then making it seem like he meant to do that, or as if it's not his fault for doing something stupid
Allison: Haha that kid just fell down
Bob: Did he seriously just trip down the stairs
Allison: Yeah he pulled a timmy
Bob: Haha what an idiot
by FCTSFunnyGuy January 07, 2010
the coolest south park charecter and he just plain out KIKS ASS
TIMMY! tim diddly tim tim tim! timmmmmay! TIMMY!
by Chet and Josh November 01, 2004
Timmy's refers to coffee shop's in Canada and some places in the us. Tim Hortons...
Lets go get timmy's.
Stop at timmy's on the way here.
What you want from timmy'.
by B Tsats November 08, 2005
A chain of Canadian coffee shops that sport the name of hockey legend, Tim Horton. Found all over Canada, Tim Horton restaurants are best known for their coffee and small whole doughnuts called, Timbits.
I'm going to Timmy's want anything?
Yeah, get me a large doubledouble and a creuller
by eesh February 26, 2006
what us "canunks" call Tim Hortan's coffee shop
lets go get some timmy's before class starts
by Michael Beverly November 26, 2003
What you shout to your friend should he be called Timmy
Yo! TIMMY! Hey, it's TIMMY!
by Snake July 12, 2004

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