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What happens when you lose out on sex because of a long-distance relationship
Why did you break up with him?
Dude,we were totally timezoned.
by abracadayum November 04, 2015
When you get the shaft on something because you live in a different time zone.
When you miss your chance to chat with your friends because they live in a different time zone.
Aw man, I got timezoned on that yahoo japan auction!
by kyuubethe3rd December 14, 2015
1. To be in a specific time zone.

2. To be zoning out to such an extent that large amounts of time go by and seem like only moments.
1. "I'm timezoned yo!"

2. "Whoa dude... I can't believe it's been 20 minutes.. I was totally timezoned.."
by Lovebong April 24, 2009
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