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a young, prepubescent boy with an unnatural obsession for videogame sexpots (kosmos, marle, etc); also a "lover" of things of the "bestial" persuasion
That Tim...man, his voice is so squeaky, just like a little girl's.

All of the animals in the barnyard trembled at the sight of Tim...
by Savidj May 31, 2003
Noun. Timberwolf - Barks like a tree. It is the result of alot of alcohol, marijuana, and hard work getting a dog to crossbread with a tree. This aptly named "Timberwolf" has humanlike characteristics, and likes to post on messageboards such as the infamous "Xenosaga/RPG-XS" and often has homosexual tendencies.
Adj. Timberwolf - To have timberwolf/Tim characteristics.
Adj. Man thats timberwolf.
Noun. I saw a timberwolf humping my leg today.
by GuessWHo July 31, 2003