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19 definitions by GuessWHo

A highly unrecognized sport which requires one to be up at absurd hours of the day and in the pool multiple times during the day. The season lasts all year (12 months) for real swimmers. It makes the women look like men and the men look really hot, even when they shave their legs. The highest occurency rate of OCD, swimming is also known as "wall tagging."
~"Ew something smells like chlorine!!"
~"That's me, I had practice today at 4:30 am. But I have to go, I have practice again in 15 minutes. I have no life."
by guesswho March 30, 2005
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A wicked mate, and brilliant person who deserves the total best, and and total smilies all round!
Don't u dare diss, cos shes one of ma hoes, aight!
Wow ur such i Muk, I love ya
by GuessWho December 25, 2003
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An individual who resides in Orfordville, WI.
A hick rides his tractor to school.
by guesswho April 15, 2004
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A compiled collection of what was every known word still in present use in the english language. It was put together in an attempt to stem the mutation of the already unstable english language and keep it in a fair condition for future generations. Though dialects have evolved since then, it has managed to maintain the grammatical and vocabulary structures of the language to a good enough point that present society can still read old language tracts without much effort. For example of success; latin, due to its spoken frequency and under developed linguistical records, after the collapse of the culture, mutated into the romantic languages of French, Spanish and Italien, while English after subsequent invasions became a hybrid of Norse (Frissian dialect) and Germanic. Only after a dictionary was written around the 17th century did the English language stabalize into its still recognizable form today.

When in doubt, look it up.
by Guesswho June 12, 2003
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This dude on yahoo chat... Totally erratic. One day chillin' ..the next day posin'. The guy can't make up his mind about anything..other than the fact he wants sex from the ugliest girls in pennsylvania chat. The last one was in the woods for a quick bop in exchange for some illegal prescription pills.
Hey how many fuks does it take a fukker to get a red pee pee?
by GuessWho December 03, 2004
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The damage caused to the bottom of a boat when the person driving it, is rushing to get to the docks because a passenger is going to shit themselves.
Gary said Keith caused him to Gancer his boat yesterday.
by guesswho March 09, 2005
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To be stylin'.
True Benz owner.
Diana is sportin' the fuk outta dat Benzy.
by GuessWho December 03, 2004
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