noun: NWUP (northern Wisconsin/ Upper Peninsula of Michigan)word for the native population. in other words, polacks, krauts, micks, and wops calling the original owners of this country a foul name derived from the foul name applied to blacks.
joe: hey, let's go ice fishin up north, hey?
moe: nah, dem timber niggers is all protestin again.
joe: about what?
moe: the history of abuse at the hands of the white man, or some shit like that
joe: fuck'em-let's go to Racine and get drunk!
moe: yah, dere hey!!
by earpuller September 21, 2005
Top Definition
A racist word for a Native American. White people tend to tack on the word nigger to something that the Non-white people live near/in to make a quick and easy racial slurr. Native Americans live in the forrest, thus, timber nigger was coined.
Crouching Crow sure is one drunk timber nigger.
by TN October 25, 2005
n. A derogatory term for a Native American. Often used in context over land or resource issues.
God damn those timberniggers. They keep scalping my friends. Kill the timberniggers!
by --god lies-- March 27, 2009
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