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N. A loose toilet seat likely to slide left or right while seated upon it, sometimes sliding completely off the rim of the bowl. A tilt-a-whirl can be particularly dangerous for men when the seat slides too far and pinches off the sexual organs during defecation.
The men's room here is completely unsafe, a tilt-a-whirl with no ass gaskets.
by anagramman November 07, 2010
7 1
The act of shitting in ones clothes dryer, then turning it on. Best when the dryer if full of clean laundry.
This bitch threw giltter all over my house at a party so I gave him a tilt-a-whirl.
by kingatlasii November 21, 2010
5 3
When a girl sits on your penis and proceeds to spin
My girlfriend would sit on my junk and do a tiltawhirl.
by Scrapdawg April 28, 2009
3 1
Hook up with a girl, then using the time it took you to finish as a countdown, find another girl and hook up with her.
It took me 20 minutes to finish with this girl, so I pulled a tilt-a-whirl and in under 20 minutes I hooked up with a different chick!
by NotEvenCocky August 24, 2010
0 4