Top Definition
1. amazing football player
2. sexy as hell
3. can beat you up
4. is amazing
Damn dude he's a tilley
by qsdfew December 16, 2008
Someone who is:
1. Outgoing
2. Smart
3. Musical
4. Sexy
5. Sexy
7. Someone who skips numbers
8. Amazing
9. One of a kind
10. King
11. Big Boss
12. Winning
13. Like a G6
Woman: Who is that awesome guy?
Other woman: That's Tilley!
by Mark177 May 22, 2011
A beautiful girl with a beautiful name, originally spelt Tilly but can be with a ey on the end. Tilleys normally have ridiculously long brown hair and so many freckles it's impossible to count. If you know a Tilley you need to keep her
Lily: Damn tilleys hair looks amazing today
Clarisse: always does no wonder the boys always chase after her
by Thebæ900 May 31, 2015
Next to the word mong, with almost the same meaning.

Someone who is loud and irresponsible, lazy and irritating.
Tilley: 'I can't be bothered.'
Me: 'Go home then.'
Tilley: 'No, I want to do something.'
by JCoster June 22, 2005
Any male who has the last name tilley looks like a greyhound. As greyhounds are very skinny and are ugly as fuck
"God that matt tilley is a greyhound"
by Billy Bob B91 May 18, 2008
a tilley is a name for someone who is increadibly ugly and skinny which bears a resemblance to a greyhound
"omg man that guy is such a tilley!"

"that tilley there is so ugly and skinny"
by tg youth May 18, 2008

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