A car which breaks down many times. The fact that it comes with tweeters makes up for everything that is bad with it though. Also mainly owned by women.
The tigra pulled up and all the girls said i wish i had that car.
by Ola October 30, 2003
Top Definition
vauxhall car. looks good with 17s
"my tigra is so cool"

"i love my tigra"

"the exhaust on my tigra sounds wicked!"
by loosey_cocks October 13, 2003
small car usually driven by females.
"check out that hot girl in the tigra"
by dru November 10, 2003
1. a small car that is quite ugly. it is usually driven by females, or gay guys. usually the driver's of this car think it is better than it is

2. something feminine
"i fell out with my parents, now they want to buy me a tigra for my birthday instead of a 206, sheet"

"that t-shirt is a bit tigra dont u think joe?
by sparticus May 26, 2004
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