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a group of extremely slutty, alcoholic girls who all talk shit about each other and think they are really cool cuz they fuck older guys. everyone at their school hates them but some ppl pretend to stand up for them... idk why. A few have stds, one is a gross redhead, another in and out of rehab. Still there is the bitch that plays 5 guys at once and her best friend who is a pom and completely fake. they have ruined their own reputations, the reputation of any girl in their grade, and are slowly dragging their school down. they can pretend none of the shit that is said about them is true but they are just mad at their mistakes... although they dont change anything. i dont know how they could have so little respect for themselves. its just sad.
50% of the girls in the tighty ten lost their virginity before tey could drive!

the tighty ten is really dirty and get used by everyone

none of the girls in the tighty ten can keep a secret
by personnn12345 March 29, 2009
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