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a gay club in hollywood only on thursday nights that does not card. full of underaged teens. straight girls go with their gay friends, and straight guys go to get the girls.
hey its thursday, who's going to tigerheat?
by ferris bueller January 20, 2007
To have a crush or the act of dating someone
Girl: Hows that guy
Girl2: He's so last weeks Tiger Heat
or He and i are in major Tiger Heat!!
by Skrinkle November 26, 2007
A nightclub in LA renowned for its high population of scenesters, for example: J*, John Hock, and Kiki Kannibal. Very hard to get into.
#1: Hey, where you going tonight?
#2: I got a friend who says he can get me into tiger heat
#1: That's hella cool, man.
by Stacey_br00tal February 07, 2008
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