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The Tiger Eye is a variation of the wrinkled penny or ballon knot... what makes the Tiger Eye destinctive is the hairy covering of the anus.
Anthony showed his Tiger Eye when his board shorts fell to his ankles during a recent run. "Anthony, your hole is so hairy it looks like a Tiger's Eye"
by BabySealClubSamich November 08, 2007
The extremely strong desire to want to have sex with, or "fuck" a member of the opposite sex that is not one's boyfriend/girlfriend and almost always ends in a one night stand. While experiencing "Tiger Eye", one usually lowers his/her normal standards just to "bust that nut".
(While at a party or social gathering)

Person 1: Man I just want to fuck something tonight. I don't even care if that bitch is ugly.

Person 2: Bro you better be careful. You got the Tiger Eye.
by ghettofoxislive06 December 01, 2010
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