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A Musican for the BEMANI series of Games. His real name is Reo Nagumo (“ì‰_—搶), Birthday on the 20th of November. He has apparently recently retired to move to America to run a Sushi bar. His Aliases include

jam master'73
tiger YAMATO
–ÁŠ ‚ ‚¸‚Ý
dimitoricTiger from seoul
dj nagureo
jam master'73
Noriko Fukushima
R3, R5, are the rave songs by tiger YAMATO, featured on the Bemani series of games.
by Momoko December 01, 2006
This really cool muskrat that plays BEMANI and hangs out in IRC. Likes to type in all caps and smash random letters on the keyboard.
<tiger_yamato> hay guys I just got back from notesmash, I have alot of hair and OMGLSOLESILEZ!!11
by yamato December 23, 2003
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