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When a man has been emasculated so much he might as well be called tiffany.
Dude, Jennifer just tiffined Matt with that line.
by Lathentar April 23, 2006
noun: Sexual intercourse.
Do you fancy a bit of tiffin later on?
by heatherwil November 16, 2006
A small town in Ohio, yet when you leave it no other place can live up to it.
have you ever been to Tiffin?
Yeah, its so boring there
What are you talking about? Its an awesome town!
by roverdude December 01, 2010
too high to function (THF); orginially called thiff, but happily shortened to tiffin'


when you get so twisted that it is impossible to function as a regular human being. Normal activities are impossible to perform due to the fact that you're high like goddamn planes.
1) "Hey man, how was your night?"

"Dude, soo good. I was tiffin' out!"

2) "Can you pick up the food?"

"Nah, I'm tiffin' too hard right now. Sorry!"
by fina11y December 23, 2010
British term: Usually lunch or "a lunch", but sometimes a snack. Esp. Brit. Military.
I'll see you at tiffin - they're serving nimbu pani!
by d.n. citoyen February 02, 2015
to hit someone in the balls especially when they don't expect it
I just gave him a tiffin so hard he puked
by z&b123 January 28, 2010
A term for when someone generally messes up to the extreme nature.
"Dude, stop tiffin!"
by Sanjuro Enigma September 23, 2006

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