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Loves God, The most beautiful girl you will ever meet, shy, yet bold, caring, when she loves, she loves hard, she shields her heart bc it's been broken so many times, she can flirt a lot, has a wild side that you would never guess unless you get to know her, very family oriented, horrible temper, realest you'll ever met, total freak, short girl, very lovable, always seeking to make others happy, sometimes denying her own happiness to do so, can sing like no one else, voice of an angel, very timid, has many talents, tends to procrastinate, wonderful sense of humor, best girlfriend ever, nonchalant about many things, will always ride for you, definitely wife material, has an attitude, very respectful of those who respect her, very goofy, loves to make people smile and laugh, very intelligent, nice body, sort of insecure about some things, very straightforward, sometimes concerned with what people think about her, she just wants to feel loved and wanted, life of the party when she's totally comfortable around you
by qpftldy October 08, 2013
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