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An amazing brunette girl who i love dearly. She means everything to me and is the most beautiful most intelligent woman i know. She has the most beautiful hazel eyes that i love to look at them. She can easily turn me on and make me horny as hell with just one word. She is the woman who i want to spend the rest of my life with. If it was between breathing air or being with Tiea I would much rather be with her. Every time I hear her name i cant get her out of my head for a very long time. She is prettier then the moon and the stars on a clear summer night. She is everything good in the world, you know what more than the world, she is everything good in the universe. As you can tell i love her very much and i am proud to be her boy friend. She is a taste of Heaven, she is a fallen angel.
by tiea's boyfriend June 05, 2009
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