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1) Associated with the verb of leave. For exaple, leaving. Used primarily when you and your firends are at a party and realize its crap. So you want to leave.

2) When are guys balls are itchy and he wishes to alert people to that fact before scratching.
1) guy a; "Man! who's party's this"
guy b; "dunno man, Its fucked"
guy c; "i think its some guy called dave"
camel toe
dave; "This parties crap"
guy a; "yeah, tides low crabs are on the rocks"

2) guy a; "Tides low, crabs are on the rocks"
guy b; "stop scratching your balls fuckhead"
girl a (skanky hoe); "i'll scratch your balls for you"
girl b (previoulsy skanky hoe); "he gave me crabs"
by Azerial October 07, 2005

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