Jerking off while the thumb tickles the head in a circular motion, i.e. tickle top
similar to "spanking the monkey" and 'chocking the chicken"
Jonas likes to tickle his own head while jerking off, hence tickle top.

sukhdemballs: Jonas, let's go out to see some girls
Jonas: I already tickled my top, I lost some motivation...maybe in a few days
by Sukhdemballs July 31, 2013
Top Definition
The person who tickles, or tickle tortures another with the object of forcing the victim, usually restrained and helpless, to laugh hysterically, cry, scream, urinate, ejaculate and even pass out from prolonged intense tickling. Usually done with consent for erotic sexual gratification, but sometimes used as effective torture of prisoners.
With a sadistic grin the tickle top, using his expert hands, forced his helpless victim to shriek and laugh harder until he brought him to screaming climax.
by teetiger August 25, 2008
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