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When several people surround someone and proceed to tickle the fuck out of them causing them to drool, piss themselves, and possibly even induce brain damage from lack of oxygen.
"We ticklefucked john so bad that he pissed all over my house."

"To enter into our homo group you must let us ticklefuck you for 48 seconds."
by Beau T December 12, 2008
v. The act of, or performance of varied amounts of fore-play ranging from: tickling & flirting to all stages of base running in attempt to achieve intercourse with someone.
Jennifer was off playing "tickle fuck" with Justin and Erik, instead of hanging out with her friends that wanted to just hang out and go to the movies.
by Brandon Lowry October 14, 2007
the act of tickling a person until they reach a climax
"One more word and I will tickle-fuck the shit our of you!"
by Stevus Christ April 02, 2009
Tickling someone to the point of them hyperventilating and/or achieving orgasm
by Dr.HipsterDrew August 20, 2011
v. To grab and/or tickle someone in such a way as to imply to others viewing that you want to perform intercourse with said person.

n. To perform heavy amount of tickling that results in an almost orgasmic moan or sigh.
Julia and Sam were sitting on the couch when Julia reached over and started tickle fucking Sam until he got the message that she wanted him.
by Tickler001 January 13, 2012
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