common street whore, gives any dude head, a cum guzzler, a hood rat, a bust down, a runner, a bobblehead, a trick, opens her legs to any and everybody, nut catcher, blockhead, usually dirty stanky fishy ugly and dusty.
she's such a tianna.
by formaly known as trinity g February 06, 2010
Top Definition
a bootylicious babe who likes to be with others, dont talk shit about her just because theres nothing to talk about, shes super cute and can make your day. shes the definition of happiness.
are you tianna and you know it clap your hands !
by QTPIETEETEE August 23, 2008
Beautiful outstanding person. Commonly known as sexy girl. sexy, great body. very smart. and attracts alll the boys. Gets many friends and is very welcoming. But be careful, she will fight if she needs too.
Boy1--"WOAH MANNN! look at that babe!"
boy2--"i know bro! shes totally hot! her names tianna!"
by penisheadbitch March 25, 2009
beautiful, down-to-earth girl. very active, some-what smart, trouble with love, but when she does find the one, she'll stay with him forever. doesn't wear alot of make-up but will look gorgeous when she does. but if you make her mad she'll bitch at you real good. so watch out.
woah, dude. damn tianna's looking good.
by soccer_is_pimp February 14, 2011
Tianna is a very spiritual and wonderful person. She always knows just what to say and helps those who need it. Tianna has a very good sense of justice and fairness. Can be very random and eccentric around the right people, but when you hurt her friends, she can send you into next week with so much as a look.
"Tianna is in charge of the fundraiser next week"
by Goddess_luna October 14, 2013
A big boobied white girl who can twerk that ass whenever she wants too.
Tianna be twerkin that booty.
by Herbuddy October 30, 2013
A girl who could be pretty if she ever made the effort. She's also so goodie-goodie it makes me sick. She's like having a mother around at all times. She also has no sense of style.
Do you act like your mother way too much?
Do you need to read up on fashion magnazines?
You must be Tianna!
by falalalala(: December 26, 2010
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