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The sound that accompanies the act of kicking an individual schquarely in the Jimmy. The act of kicking one in the Jimmy itself is commonly referred to as the administration of "THWOCKAGE". Often used as a greeting of the day between Tools.
"McLAW grimaced as The Schwartz administered THWOCKAGE."
by The Schwartz April 25, 2004
The process of the male penial organ becoming erect; an erection; hard-on; boner. Can be used as a noun or a verb.
The girl's butt was so nice, I thwocked.

The other night, I tore my pants with a huge thwock.
by Jopeck January 10, 2004
A slang term for the penis. As with most slang terms, can also be used in derrogatory form to refer to another individual.
"Jen was shocked when I slapped my thwock down on the table, in front of her face."

"That kid is such a thwock"
by Joe November 04, 2003
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