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Thursdayton was a day hyped by Nintendo fans who were expecting a grand unveiling for Nintendo's successor to the Gamcube; then codenamed Revolution, now called Wii, at e3.

According to myth and rumor, Nintendo dropped many hints about Thursdayton, including videos on nintendo.com and the dates visible on DS games used during the keynote speech.

As is the case with many hyped Nintendo events, nothing came of the hype.

More recently, on September 13th 2006, there was supposed to be another Thursdayton, as a press conference in Japan was scheduled to reveal more news about the Wii. However, the site gwn.com falsely reported on a Nintendo event from months before.

It can also be used as a verb and has become synonymous with something that fails to deliver on hype.
If Nintendo reveals the Wii's launch date, it will be an announcement of Thursdayton proportions.
by MammaMia12 September 13, 2006

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