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a penis of extraordinary length, girth, power, and magical ability. has the capability of satisfying any woman
Brett's thunder cock rocked Elise's entire world. She hasn't been able to walk right for days.
by mjaa08120 August 11, 2010
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To kick someone up their butt with a GREAT amount of force. If done hard enough, the victim will piss their pants crying. If one wishes, they may also punch the person up their butt.
When Rj ThunderCocked Christian, he was in an ordeal amount of pain.
by ITSBEAGLEBETCH July 16, 2011
A symbol of pure dominance.
It represents Zeus's penis.
The mark of ultimate masculinity.
The earthquake that penetrates the lightning cunt.
It makes Chuck Norris look like John Wayne Bobbit.
"Thundercock. It is truly the one cock to rule them all"

"Oooo, Gandalf, you thilly thortherer"
by NDT November 02, 2007
A potent sauce from Sri Racha, Thailand, used as an incredibly spicy addition to any foodstuff. The etymology of Thundercock's name is quite simple - thunder from the ridiculously-spicy nature of the chili pepper / vinegar / garlic sauce, and cock from the iconic rooster that adorns its famous label. Thundercock is also famous for being the secret half of the "spicy-mayo" garnish served at most sushi restaurants.
1. G-d Damn, that thundercock sauce did a number on my tongue!
2. Clarence, of course that spicy mayo is hot, half of it is thundercock-based!
by BrandeisKong January 13, 2009
Level of greatness achieved once one lays with more then 10,000 women. A level Chuck Norris is greatly renowned for.
-Lays with 10,000 women- {achieves Thunder Cock status)
by sllverwolf February 15, 2007
A group of extraordinary men whose girth and length of their penises are unimaginable. Their brotherly bond is indestructible by an force known to man, and several known to other alien species.
Thunder Cocks unite!!!!!
by shamrockkid29 June 13, 2011
An extraordinarily large penis.
Ooh, I'm gonna be sore for days... but that thunder cock was worth it.
by x1x2 July 10, 2008

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