Textin on yo cellphone....
yo im thumbtextin on the cell...thats how we use it
by mia August 25, 2004
Top Definition
Form of shorthand used when sending text messages on cell phones.

Thumbtext is critical in order to efficiently communicate with someone when trying to type words on a keypad that uses 8 keys to sum up the entire alphabet.

When you're driving on the freeway, there just isn't time to type out all the letters of every word. Thumbtext is the solution.

An even more time-efficient way to communicate is to use that keypad's numeric characters to enter a person's phone number then hit the TALK/SEND key.
c u l8r

wtf r u doin

txt me 2nite
by Xebius Phoratus August 26, 2004
A certain vernacular used when texting on one's cellular phone. This is done using just the thumbs and is similar in content to the average third grader's AIM conversation.
Text Message Recieved: u n 4 th prty 2nt dwg?
Text Message Sent: Dude, I can't understand that stupid-ass thumbtext.
by Wuffbutt August 29, 2004
text for a thumbmnail (small image, that you click on to enlarge it)
I clicked that thumbnail because the text below it was interesting.
by Core August 28, 2004
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