homosexual ganster love
Gangster: This is about something you wouldn't understand, little man. This is about... thuggin love.
by ck2300 October 27, 2006
Top Definition
When your makin' love, and right before that special moment you beat the girl upside the head, snatch her purse, and throw her down the stairs.
Guy: Hey man how was last night.
Thug: I gave her some thuggin love.
by Gangstalicious March 30, 2006
When a young wanna be gangsta who tries to be hard and real, embarasses himself and/or his "set"/"people" by posturing to cover up being a down low closeted homosexual by overcompensating with fake, appropriated imitative pop-culture "gangsta" shit.
See homie over there waving a gat around, grabbing his nuts and talkin' tough? When he goes back to his crib with that other cat over there, bet you whatever there's gonna be some thuggin love.
by Yabigdumi October 12, 2006
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