Something John Cena is a doctor of.
"I studied thuganomics in graduate school."

"I have my Ph.D in thuganomics."

"John Cena is a disgrace to the field of thuganomics."
by desPERRYado January 20, 2006
Everything and anything that has to do with strait thugging.
"Yo i be spittin straight ebonics cuz I da Grandmasta of Thuganomics
by Grandmasta J March 01, 2003
What you learn by acting like John Cena.
I learned my thuganomics by throwing the pinkies in the air.
by Kapoutman November 10, 2003
A mojor open to students at spacific thugified universities. This major trains students in the art of being a real thug. Students will also explore the dangers of the hood, how to evade the law, and gangbanging. Only the hardest make it out of this course for over eighty percent of students end up dropping out.
Job Interviewer: It says here you have your masters in Thuganomics?

Drew: Yeah, doug, like i spot a threat i element that shit cuzz. Ain't no body harder than me, keep that shit real!

Job interviewer: What?
by youngthese June 16, 2014
The most funky fresh going on in college.
It's obviouse you never majored in thuganomics.
by dcomposed December 21, 2003
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