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Doing your thang. Putting your mack down.
Playboy, I'm just out here doing my thug thizzle
by Smitty February 24, 2003
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Your thug "thing." Doin' what you do. Stickin' to (your personal) script. Minding your own business. Keepin' on keepin' on.
G #1: Damn dogg, deez haterz keep gettin on my nervez!

G #2: Stay up dogg, just keep doin yer thug thizzle, and you'll be aight.
by SteeznutS February 28, 2013
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Q: What's this sticky stuff in the sink?
A: Sorry I doing my thug thizzle and forgot to clean the sink afterwards.
by Dre Sage June 09, 2013
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dats who we be its just who u are nutin ta do wit thug
biach u aint bein thugthizzle
by forizzle October 10, 2004
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