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The act of fornication, in the raunchiest way possible. As in a back seat quickie with well known slore!!
I wanna thrunks J-Lo from da back!!
by OLDIRTYJAV August 13, 2003
Being Thrunk is a one up on being Krunk. You have to be high or drunk on a combination of three things. For example you can drink a fifth, smoke a large amount of pot, and then pop some pills
"Dude you were so thrunk last night you thought you were in the Wizard of Oz, but seriously you are going to have to pay me back for all the drugs, booze, and food you ate out of the fridge."
by StuffinLizzle February 07, 2010
So drunk that you throw up over and over throughout the night/day.
Did you see Charlie last night? He was SUPER thrunk.
by tnemehev November 07, 2011
thrunk is the same as drunk.
Am thrunk right now.
by PhazeWho January 08, 2006
Thizzin and drunk.. A combination of good thiz (extasy) and booze.. The swimming happy feeling one gets.
Man, Barb was all thrunk last nite!! Ate her lil blue pills and drank a dirty-30 of busch!! She was all up on your nutz!!!
by -Daddy- March 01, 2008
a boy named carlisle
dude carlisle was so thrunk last night he thought he was peter pan
by LedalDe May 06, 2010

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