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slang term- a gun that can be used and thrown away because it was relatively inexpensive.
I have a glock 9 but when I want to kill someone, I use a cheap throwaway 22 caliber rifle. Basically I pull up to a nigguz house and wait. Then I see him in the scope and I bust a round in his fuckin head. The rifle only cost $110 so I throw it away after I clean the fingerprints off.
by J Norman May 06, 2004
A term used for a gun that can be used in a murder,robbery, etc. then after it is used it is wiped off then disposed of. Always an illegal gun.
After I hit that nigga I put the throw away in the drain.
by Chi-Chi January 29, 2004
On Reddit.com: An anonymous account created for temporary use; typically used to admit to something that cannot be traced back to you or your primary account.
OP: Hey Reddit, what's your deepest darkest secret?

Throwaway23456: I cheated on my girlfriend with her best friend. Throwaway used because she knows my real username.
by throwawayforreddit December 26, 2013
A female/male whom one uses for sex and then gets rid of.
I hooked up with a throwaway last night
by Dizzy Devil D April 09, 2009
throwaways are guns, ex. glock preferably automatic
in trae's song, a houston rapper, throwaways... "bustin outta escalades, all of us got throwaways.."
by hydro skunk 420 November 04, 2007
a jersey that is not a real throw back mainly for poor ghetto people
shut up nigga thats a throw away
by jamel October 18, 2003