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In online gaming, a throw away account is an account made with no intentions of playing the game long-term on that specific account.

Often, people create throw away accounts for malicious purposes, such as spamming or cheating in-game.

The accounts often get banned for breaking rules. People use throw away accounts to prevent their mains from getting banned.

Throw away accounts are often used for people who use macros, or computer software to play the game for them and to gain an unfair advantage. This is almost always against the rules of the game and will result in banning. The hope is that the throw away accounts do not get banned, and acquired wealth can be transfered to another account.
Hey I'm going to cheat on this game; I've already made a throw away account.

Let's make some throw away accounts to bot high skills in!
by Imtherealtubaman18 March 11, 2011

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