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non human song on expert.
never able to beat.
Hey Mike! wats up nick, i was playing through the fire and flames and my hands exploded! omg it was so hard!
by Mike Trombley November 03, 2007
a song on guitar hero 3 which when played on expert is IMPOSSIBLE and those who can beat it have too many fingers on their hand or have trained a small spider or animal to work the buttons for them.
i was just played through the fire and flames on guitar hero and my guitar melted
by critom January 02, 2008
When (if?) Chuck Norris was a baby, his mother used this song as a lullaby.
"Honey, Chuck won't go to sleep"
"Try that song by Dragonforce."
"You mean Through the Fire and Flames?"
"Hey, it's working!"
by Kbman March 19, 2009
A song that did, in fact, exist before Guitar Hero 3
Guy 1: Have you heard that Dragonforce song Through the Fire and Flames?

Guy 2: LOLO I can totally beat it on medium!

Guy 1: What about Revolution Deathsquad?

Guy 2: Who?
by stewieswan May 01, 2009
Through The Fire and Flames is an insanely fast and amazing song by the band Dragon Force.
Have you heard "Through The Fire And Flames"?! That Guitar part is SICK!
by EvanMileus March 11, 2008
On my path to eternity in HELL there was a demon behind me. the demon carried with him a small and simple plastic guitar. When I arrived at the gates of HELL, the demon began to play a song, and when he finished playing this song (perfectly as in 100% correct) the gates opened and out of these gates poured more half naked drunken twin sluts than any Army of men could ever handle. this song was called "Through the Fire and Flames"
And on the eighth day Satan said-- "God! what thow has doneth here is Gay" and proceeded to creating "Through the Fire and Flames "
by Antonio V. September 01, 2008
A song by DragonForce that epitomizes everything that is wrong with rock music at this time. Because of its presence in Guitar Hero III (and its unprecedented complexity), some have construed it as a good song. This effect has also made genuine rock classics (Sunshine of Your Love, Smoke on the Water, Paranoid) seem inferior, when they are actually just more pleasing to listen to.
Person 1: I can beat Through the Fire and Flames on Expert! I rule!

Person 2: Congratulations, you can use a guitar-shaped video game controller to hit a lot of buttons and as a result, crappy music comes from the TV. What an accomplishment!
by JohnJF April 11, 2008
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