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6 definitions by EvanMileus

Daft Punk is the name of a French Electronic/Techno music duo. The song "One More Time" was their most popular in the USA. In Europe they are very popular. They are easily recognizable by their robotic costumes and masks. There are only a few photos of the duo without their costumes. Kanye West recently sampled their song "Harder Better Faster Stronger" from their album "Discovery", for his song, "Stronger". Daft Punk had a Anime film (Interstella 5555 released alongside their Album Discovery. One half of the duo released his own live action film "Daft Punk's Electroma".
Daft Punk has a new album out! it rules!
by EvanMileus March 09, 2008
George Carlin is a veteran stand up comedian. His routine usually includes topics like; Religion, sex, swears, oddities of culture, and many social and moral taboos. His most famous routine is "7 Dirty Words".
George Carlin is so funny!
by EvanMileus March 11, 2008
Through The Fire and Flames is an insanely fast and amazing song by the band Dragon Force.
Have you heard "Through The Fire And Flames"?! That Guitar part is SICK!
by EvanMileus March 11, 2008
Daft Punk's Electroma is a live action feature length film. It was written and directed by Daft Punk. It centers around two robots (Daft Punk) trying to become Human. It initially received mixed reviews, but has since received generally positive reviews.
I saw Electroma last night. The ending was cool!
by EvanMileus March 09, 2008
A person who sends you a Christmas card, or the person who you have received a Christmas card from, after Christmas.
I got a Christmas Card from Bob today, and its December 30th! He is a Christmas Card Tard!
by EvanMileus March 08, 2008
God is a word used to describe an all knowing sentient being that created the universe, and controls everything. He/She may or may not exist.
Guy 1: There was a talking shrub that spoke to me and said he was God!
Guy 2: You trippin balls?!

by EvanMileus March 13, 2008