the third time you do somthing.
Not once, not twice, but THRICE
by joe manoe December 29, 2007
1. less than a few,more than a couple.

2. Fat cats eat poo
1. "id tap that thrice"

2. a fat cat eating poo
by xashesx2xashes May 01, 2008
used to describe something so amazing that it is hard to comprehend how amazing it really is
"Hey how was the show?" Guy 1

"Dude, it was so amazing, it was thrice man, you missed it." Guy 2
by JUice March 23, 2003
a group of friends or clique of usually 3 or 4 people mainly in schools or in the mall never with preps though.
the thrice was vicious
by hippotamus January 07, 2008
a decent post-punk band. though they are not marked by ingenuity, they are easy to like because they are relatively non-threatening; they fit the mold well.
the band is adequate
by katherleen August 18, 2005
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