A word for somebody who is fat. Eg. Triple Man.
Somebody who weighs 310 pounds would be a threeman.
by drcrazy4 May 20, 2008
Top Definition
n. Drinking game, using two dice. At the beginning of the game a "three man" is designated and every time a three is rolled that person must drink. Once the three man rolls a three he/she may designate a new three man. If a 7 is rolled, person to rollers left must drink. If an 11 is rolled, person to the right must drink. If doubles are rolled, can be given to anyone to be made to drink, can be given to two people or all to one person. If rollers get three consecutive people to drink they can make up a rule (like Kings).
After a long night of three man, I couldn't walk
by bailey December 14, 2004
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