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to give just an bit above letters on a fag but not as much as twos
"hey can i get threes on that fag"
by Bensmith__123 January 07, 2008
Another word for threesome.
Katie, Emma, and Kayla had threes last night.
by Anonymous June 24, 2003
A term for a homosexual derived from the saying "As queer as a three dollar bill."
I wouldn't worry about that guy talking to your girl. With that lisp and those limp wrists, he's definitely a three.
by Bmore Boyo October 21, 2009
1. more than one three...duh huh
2. how someone with lisp would pronounce trees
use yer damn imagination!
by Morgan Gore June 19, 2003
An item - in cigarette form - with the purpose of being smoked. Most commonly cigarettes, but can include other cig-like items.
yo dizzle, pass tha three for sho!
by BroDizzle foshizzle November 19, 2003
An attractive woman, based on a scale from 1-10, the lowest you'd actually consider intercourse with. But since that's too many numbers to remember, 1...2...3...4, you know..., it's either "3" or not!
... *attractive woman walks by* ... THREE!!!!!!
by Jerry Garcia Franchino September 09, 2007
twos plus ones
we had some threes the other night, was fun!
by Moi June 19, 2003