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Whena person has been accused and convicted of three crimes and goes to jail for life. Like what Tupac said in the song Runnin.
Tupac- My main man hade two strikes, slipped, got arrested and flipped. Screamed thug life and emptied his clip.
by J-Kick April 08, 2005
Short way to explain the speeding penalty in New York.
According to the NYS Driver's Manual:
"Your license will be REVOKED for at least six months if you are found guilty of:

THREE speeding and/or misdemeanor traffic violations within 18 months (based on date of violation, not date of conviction)."
NOTE: CAPS = emphasis.
When the cop pulled me over for speeding he struck me out, as I had 2 speeding tickets last year.
by Garndog January 16, 2004
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