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The average amount of cash required to get a panhandler off your ass when walking home from the Jake.
That panhandler must do pretty good for himself considering he averages three fitty from each person who gives him the cash.
by Tiberius1701 February 14, 2006

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$3.50. The amount the Loch Ness Monster keeps trying to swindle from Chef's parents.
"No wonda that Loch Ness Monsta keeps comin' back, woman! You keep givin' him three fitty!"
by J. Hasak October 14, 2003
It is also the amount of money Chef's mom uses as bait for Kenny's soul to go out the window of their house. The trick doesn't work.
Look naw, li'l soul, here's three fitty here for ya nha!
by Snild Dolkow October 01, 2005