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Referring to the regular season NBA thread on www.twoplustwo.com forums. 2009-2010 thread reached over 100,000 posts and 1,000,000 views, making it the largest thread on TwoPlusTwo.
Yo, see the new post in threadzilla? Victor is WACK!
by ry.an b.eal May 25, 2010

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An email thread involving 5 or more people who, when they all respond, the thread becomes longer, more difficult to accomplish the task at hand, and just generally monstrous. The more people respond, the worse it gets.
"This email thread has so many responses we aren't getting anything done."

"Time to get everyone on a conference call and quit screwing around with this threadzilla so we can get this resolved."
by Smarter Than All You'all January 16, 2009