A young surfer (usually a grom) who only rides the inside bowl section and disreguards the mature and peaceful philosophies of surfing. They stay on the inside and ride short waves that have the on-shore power to fuel their turns as part of power surfing. They are the punks of surfing, causing rucus and distress, often fighting for waves and conflicting with other surfers.
They are usually characterized by long platinum blond hair, being extremely scrawny, and claiming to be sponsered by big surf companies.

They can usually be found at the Northside Huntington pier, inside bowl section.
"Hey Jamesar! Why are you ditching these off shore swells for a quick ride on the inside? Are you a thrasher now?"
by Garhett August 21, 2007
Anyone, male of female, who is predisposed to arbitrary violence.
Andrew's gang is a bunch of thrashers. They busted my car last night.
by Syntel October 12, 2002
An uber-cool and ravishingly good looking internet forum dweller who flits between threads like a skylark betwixt the clouds, posting seemingly off-topic missives about monkeys, dolphins and highwaymen with like-minded souls, much to the annoyance of other forum dweebs.

This is called "thrashing". Those who do it are "thrashers".

Poster 1 : What do you all think of the latest series of This Is Your Life
Poster 2 : It's excellent, but I wish they'd do Derren Brown
Thrasher 1 : What is your favourite type of monkey?
Poster 1 : What?
Thrasher 1 : I prefer the bonobo.
Poster 1 : ARGH :madsmiley:
Poster 2 : HELP :sadsmiley:
Thrasher 1 : God I'm handsome.
MODERATOR : You're banned Thrasher!
by Niteflite April 10, 2006
dirty liar who enjoys cheating on his girlfriend and then lying about it hardcore w/ not way to cover his tracks.
Thrasher cheated on lauren and then lied about it. What a cool guy, quality boyfriend if u ask me.
by hmmm June 21, 2004
A name used for a really good skater in the 1980s.
Ex. Tony: Stacy, you're a total thrasher!
Stacy Parelta: Dude you're pretty gnarly too!
Stacy Parelta is a total Thrasher.
by Gnarly Jax of OFWGKTA January 03, 2015

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